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ND Comic Book Review: Grim #1 - BOOM! Studios

Grim Issue #1 - Chapter One: Don't Fear The Reaper Writer: Stephanie Phillips Illustration: Flaviano Colors: Rico Renzi Letters: Tom Napolitano Publisher: BOOM! Studios I had the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the first issue for this new series from BOOM! Studios. I've been enjoying Stephanie Phillips work on Harley Quinn for DC and Taarna with Heavy Metal. I loved Flaviano's art on the Power Man & Iron Fist book for Marvel. So going in I was already excited just by the names on the creative team. I was rightfully excited. I enjoyed Grim a great deal and I'm looking forward to the next issue. Given that this is the first issue, Phillips has to do some of the work of establishing our main character and the world we're operating in moving forward. We're introduced to Jessica Harrow, one of many reapers who work for Death to guide souls to the afterlife. The story opens as she guides a man to the afterlife after he gets killed in a car accident. The f

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