Cartoon Cavalcade with Doc Oracle!: Cars 2 & Green Lantern Toons

Hey Hey! It's cartoon time kids. Ol' Doc Oracle has got a couple of fun toons for your afternoon! First up we have a sneak peek at the upcoming Green Lantern animated series. Come on you all knew it had to be coming, no superhero worth his salt can have a big screen movie without some sort of cartoon tv show tagging along. Cartoon Network will be broadcasting the series this year. It looks like a computer generated cartoon that's a cross between Clone Wars and Batman - The Animated Series in terms of style. BUT HEY look at for yourself, HERE:

And now a little something for my son, who is beyond psyched for the release of Disney/Pixar Cars 2. I hadn't seen this trailer yet, with Lightning McQueen racing in Japan. I'll admit, Cars is far from my favorite Pixar movie, but my son's excitement is a little contagious. I'm getting more excited for this movie even though most of my excitement comes from his enjoyment of it all. This is the first movie sequel he's really tracked with and anticipated.


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