DC Relaunch: Enter the Kryptonians

Writing: Scott Lobdell, Art: R.B. Silva & Rob Lean

SUPERGIRL #1Writing: Michael Green & Mike Johnson, Art: Mahmud Asrar
Sooo no Powergirl title in this group... very disappointing. I mean Supergirl is great and all but, c'mon Power Girl is awesome.

Writing: George Perez, Art: Jesus Merino
Looks like a hot day at the office for people working at the Daily Planet.

Writing: Grant Morrison, Art: Rags Morales
The debut covers for the Superman comics both show an different look for the character.  Amongst Kryptonians, its agreed that high collars are in fashion for Fall 2011. Batman changes his costume over the years and I don't mind it because the end of the day his costume is a tool that needs to be modified as strategies dictate. However, Superman's costume being changed NEVER sits well by me. 


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