The Mystery of Pottermore

Wow back to back Harry Potter related posts. This is a rare day, one that probably won't be repeated on this site. I just don't follow Harry Potter that closely normally. A website appeared on the net yesterday. Its a single page with two owls flanking the title Pottermore with the promise of more to come by author J.K. Rowling. The page is

When you click the link on the page you are taken to a YouTube page with a countdown, to an announcement for Wednesday.

The Harry Potter world is so rich, I could easily see more coming from it. So I'm actually looking forward to this announcement. I'm not as excited as the fanboys & girls out there for sure, but it could be interesting.


  1. this reminds me of the carpet and / or furniture "Going Out of Business Sale" you see in every town, where they never really go out of business, they just open back up the next day in their cousin's name.

    Rowling said no more Harry Potter, and she has apparantly gotten addicted to building media empires.... I mean can we blame her? the harry potter franchise is worth 4 billion US Dollars... all under the guise of getting "kids to read more" quite the marketing coup for her producers, publishers, and PR people who have pulled it off...

    remember at the end of the day, it's still all about money.

  2. I never believed for a minute that Rowling would stop writing Potter books. Seriously if anyone had the ability to basically print money, why would they stop. It's definitely about the money, but I don't begrudge her this.

    I don't know if its all about the money, I honestly believe she still enjoys writing and getting feedback on her creation. As much as any of us might enjoy what we do, getting paid for it makes it all the sweeter.


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