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Marvel Multiverse Table Top Role-Playing Game - Summer 2023

  A new Marvel TTRPG is heading our way for Summer 2023. I have some really fond memories of the Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying game put out by TSR in the 1980's. It was right along side Dungeons & Dragons as one of my introductory games to ttrpgs. This new game looks to be based purely on a six-sided dice system. The playtest rulebook for the game is available now for anyone who wants to run an early version of the game through its paces before the finalized version comes out next year. I'll admit I'm curious enough make that purchase myself. Here is the official press release from Marvel:  MARVEL LAUNCHING CORE RULEBOOK FOR NEW TABLETOP ROLE-PLAYING GAME IN SUMMER 2023   ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: CORE RULEBOOK’ AVAILABLE JUNE 2023   FOLLOWED BY ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: THE CATACLYSM OF KANG’ AVAILABLE JULY 2023     Use the D616 game system to embody your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains!     New York, NY— August 22, 2022 –  New adventu

Official Teaser Trailer - Spider-Man: No Way Home - Sony Pictures

After leaking earlier this week, Sony Pictures has officially released the trailer for the third in the current Spidey series; Spider-Man: No Way Home. After seeing this trailer I have more questions than ever. I anticipated Dr. Strange being in this film, however I have no idea why The Sanctum Sanctorum is iced over and there seems to be something off about the Sorcerer Supreme in this trailer that I can't put my finger on. I'll let you watch or rewatch the trailer, I'm not going to just run spoilers all over it before you view.


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