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Marvel Multiverse Table Top Role-Playing Game - Summer 2023

  A new Marvel TTRPG is heading our way for Summer 2023. I have some really fond memories of the Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying game put out by TSR in the 1980's. It was right along side Dungeons & Dragons as one of my introductory games to ttrpgs. This new game looks to be based purely on a six-sided dice system. The playtest rulebook for the game is available now for anyone who wants to run an early version of the game through its paces before the finalized version comes out next year. I'll admit I'm curious enough make that purchase myself. Here is the official press release from Marvel:  MARVEL LAUNCHING CORE RULEBOOK FOR NEW TABLETOP ROLE-PLAYING GAME IN SUMMER 2023   ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: CORE RULEBOOK’ AVAILABLE JUNE 2023   FOLLOWED BY ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: THE CATACLYSM OF KANG’ AVAILABLE JULY 2023     Use the D616 game system to embody your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains!     New York, NY— August 22, 2022 –  New adventu

ND Comic Review: Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver & Other Tales - Archaia/BOOM! Studios

Creator, Writer, & Illustrator: David Petersen
On sale: July 14, 2021

I'll put it out there, I'm late on this one. I know it, so lets get that out of the way. After taking the family to Free Comic Book Day I'd added to a growing stack of comic books. I'd picked up Mouse Guard: The Owlhen Caregiver & Other Tales while visiting Atomic Books in Baltimore a few weeks back, so I put it to the top of the stack before I read anything else that I'd purchased or picked up free. I'm so sorry I hadn't read this book sooner. I've read through it a few times now and I'll be reading the stories to my children at bedtime I love these stories so much. 

This special issue of the Mouse Guard includes three stories: The Owlhen Caregiver, Piper The Listener, and The Wild Wolf. I'm not going to go through the what each story contains I want you read the story for yourself. However I will say that David Petersen's artwork is never a disappointment. Each story has its own personality in the different way that Petersen narrates through his illustrations. David Petersen is a gifted storyteller who is just as gifted with his words as he is with his illustrations. Its always very exciting to receive a new issue of his work. 

The stories are all so different that is hard to pick a favorite. The second story Piper the Listener, is probably the most interesting to me as the character attempts to learn the languages of other animals. I enjoyed being in Piper's shoes as she did her studies.

I also enjoyed the Afterword, where Petersen gives some background on the collection of stories and some of their inspiration. I know I'm not the toughest reviewer, I like to share with you what I like. This time however I'm sharing with you something I love. At Baltimore Comic Con one year I was actually able to talk with David Petersen for a short time, he is a genuinely nice human being in addition to being such a gifted creator. Please pick up this issue in your local comic book store, its worth looking for. 

If you are unfamiliar with David Petersen's work and/or Mouse Guard, you can go to the official site to purchase books, artwork and more.


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