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Marvel Multiverse Table Top Role-Playing Game - Summer 2023

  A new Marvel TTRPG is heading our way for Summer 2023. I have some really fond memories of the Marvel Superheroes Roleplaying game put out by TSR in the 1980's. It was right along side Dungeons & Dragons as one of my introductory games to ttrpgs. This new game looks to be based purely on a six-sided dice system. The playtest rulebook for the game is available now for anyone who wants to run an early version of the game through its paces before the finalized version comes out next year. I'll admit I'm curious enough make that purchase myself. Here is the official press release from Marvel:  MARVEL LAUNCHING CORE RULEBOOK FOR NEW TABLETOP ROLE-PLAYING GAME IN SUMMER 2023   ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: CORE RULEBOOK’ AVAILABLE JUNE 2023   FOLLOWED BY ‘MARVEL MULTIVERSE ROLE-PLAYING GAME: THE CATACLYSM OF KANG’ AVAILABLE JULY 2023     Use the D616 game system to embody your favorite Super Heroes and Super Villains!     New York, NY— August 22, 2022 –  New adventu

McFarlane Toys Reveals Blight Figure for Batman Futures End Build-a figure wave

McFarlane Toys revealed the final figure in the Batman Futures End Build-a-figure wave. Blight was revealed in a posting on the company's Instagram account. I don't have a date as to when this figure will be available. This wave has been a Target Exclusive. Some folks are disappointed that the character design doesn't more closely adhere to the animated character. However a glowing skull and skeleton is difficult to pull off with this kind of costume in plastic. Not being that familiar with the character, I'm really digging this design. I've been putting off getting the Batman Beyond and Batwoman Beyond figures, but Blight might actually be my first pick of this group.

Here's the official reveal below from Instagram:


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