You Have The Power! - Mattel Has Fans Vote For The Next Masters Of The Universe Origins Figure

Yesterday Mattel opened up the first bracket for fans to vote on the next Master Of The Universe Origins Series figure. Fans can can currently vote for either Anti-Eternia Man-At-Arms or Anti-Eternia Keldor via the official Facebook page. It looks like a bit of a horse race with right now, I'm throwing my vote for Man-At-Arms, he's always been a fave of mine since back in the day.

I'm loving the fact that Mattel is continuing to put the energy into this property again. I'm guessing this will continue up to the 2021 release of the Kevin Smith led, Masters Of The Universe: Revelation limited series on Netflix.

The Origins Series figures stand about 5.5 inches tall, same size and similar design to the original figures from the 80's. The big difference is articulation that wasn't included before and it doesn't look like these figures have the rubber heads of the original figures. I haven't gotten my hands on any of these myself, so I'm just relying on photos and other reviewers. 


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