McFarlane Toys' New Raw-10 Walmart Exclusive Toy Line available for PREORDER

Todd McFarlane just tweeted about this McFarlane Toys New Raw-10 toy series so we dug in to see what this was all about.

The Raw-10 toy line in its first series consists of four cybernetically enhanced animal creature figures including: FREN-Z, RAPTAR, BATTLESNAKE, and my old favorite from the Spawn comics CY-GOR Since these are animals with a variety of shapes and sizes, there is a lot of variance with the articulation. From the video and photos Cy-gor looks huge towering over your standard 6 inch human figure. I'll be honest, I've bought probably every Cy-gor figure that's been put out and I don't see this one being any exception to that rule. I love odd figures, though and all 4 of these make the grade for being odd. Plus to get figures that make this big of an impression for 10-20 bucks a pop, sounds pretty good. I'll make final judgement when I actually see them in the wild. For now I see Cy-gor definitely being added to the shelf. I'm posting some additional images below and the debut video Todd posted to YouTube last week.

Looking at the Walmart site, the figures are available for pre-order now, with delivery in late August.






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