ND Video Game Review: Dirt Rally: Review

The game Dirt Rally for the Xbox One by Codemasters is a very different genre of racing from what I'm used to playing. In Dirt Rally you have to know how to race on a variety of track surfaces and you have to know how to control your car. The game Dirt Rally is a fun but at sometimes stressful experience. This game will very challenging for people like me who are used to Need For Speed style racing. The reason this game is challenging is because you have to race on all different types of surfaces like gravel, dirt or ice. The track designs have you making tight turns and sometimes avoid obstacles. The graphics and detail of this game are amazing.There is also a vast amount of cars to choose from when racing.

I'm impressed with Codemasters work on other games such as Killer Instinct, so when I played this game I wasn't too surprised that I had an amazing experience. In conclusion, I really hope that the codemasters company will keep releasing quality games such as Dirt Rally.

Release Date Of Game: April 2015


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