ND Videos | Teasers for Cage, Iron Fist and Defenders

Sweet Christmas! San Diego Comic Con is giving me the goods I want to see this week! We get three teaser videos from Netflix & Marvel for three series that I'm waiting for with baited breath. We've got Cage, which I'm guessing is continuing where we left off with the character after the Jessica Jones series, I think, not sure its hard to tell. Then we have Iron Fist, which looks like an origin story for Danny Rand. Lastly we have a a real tease of what's to come with Defenders, whatever they are facing from the sounds of it our pal Stick from the Daredevil series doesn't have much confidence in this team-up. I swear I get more excited for these series than I do for Marvel's films in the theaters.

Power Man and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire, has to be one of my favorite superhero duos if not THE favorite duo in comic books. Yes I put them above Batman and Robin, Green Hornet and Kato, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle. Give me any duo and I'll shoot them down as inferior. Now even though they aren't teaming up yet beyond what's been talked about for the Defenders series, I'm still hopeful that somewhere down the road we'll get a Heroes for Hire series. All the pieces are there, that's all I'm saying, all the pieces are there. Just put them together Netflix.

Now time for the vids:


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