Completely Addicted to BethesdaSoft's Fallout Shelter mobile game for iOS

The new mobile game from BethesdaSoft, Fallout Shelter, is based in the post-apocalyptic world of the popular Fallout console/PC game series. TI'll be the first to admit I have a rather addictive personality. If I latch on to something it won't take long for it to be a distraction. This is especially the case with mobile games. I had my bouts with Farmville, and I'm still sorting out the life balance with Clash of Clans to this day. I take it a day at a day time, baby stepping. However now that Fallout Shelter is in my life, everything is thrown off. I'm losing sleep to this game, trying to keep my vault thriving and functioning until I just lose consciousness myself.

The game model is familiar to anyone who has played games like Tiny Tower. You build up your facility trying to keep everyone fed and happy while making room for more people and even cooler features for your facility as your population grows.

What is awesome about this game is there no requirement for an internet connection. This is a mixed blessing for me since there are no restrictions on my game play outside of battery life on my iPad.

Yes there is the option for in game purchases for bonus items. But they are really for the impatient, I haven't even been tempted so far.

My one frustration is that when you are away from the game things can go to hell so quickly. I've had folks exploring the wasteland die while I was asleep or eating dinner. And the whole facility has people starving in the darkness without water every morning I wake up. At least you can't get raided or have any disasters occur while you are away. Having to get all the resources back online is tough enough without that added pressure.

Even though the game model isn't incredibly inventive. I love the graphics and I find the setting for this game very enjoyable. Its a nice little snack for Bethesda to give us gamers ahead of the feast that will be Fallout 4.


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