CBS Supergirl will cause Collateral Damage to Cousin Snyder's Superman

The latest trailer for the upcoming Supergirl CBS TV show was released yesterday, in what looks like will be a disaster for all parties involved.. The show tells the begining of Supergirls orgin, which is really a copy of Supermans orgin story, CBS/DC feels the audience hasn’t heard enough of Superman's origin for the last 3 decades. Supergirl is discovering her superpowers as she balances her career, social and family obligations all while trying to save Earth! The 6 minute trailer makes a case to never watch the show. The acting looks uninspired, especially Calista Flockhart trying do her best Meryl Streep. DC comics has been trying to cater to a female audience, which is great. However, it feels like this version of Supergirl was rushed with minimal creativity. If DC is trying to expand to a female audience, it should have been a more creative effort. It seems like a few episodes and acting is striking similar to Superman Returns. The rest is piggy backing off Superman. DC could have done better by possibly creating a show for a less popular female character and universe. The timing and intent of the show is baffling, this seems like it will do more harm than good for the upcoming Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice and Wonder Woman movies. Supergirl wears the same exact costume as the Snyder’s Superman. This instantly associates it with the Superman films, and this is a the worst case scenario for DC. Supergirl is going to do more harm than good for DC and the Superman brand. Hopefully viewers will continue to watch Gotham and forget this ever happened !


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