The Trailer for Mad Max Fury Road Looks Gritty !

The new trailer for Mad Max: Fury Road was released this week to much fanfare. The trailer shows fantastic visual effects and an intriguing story. Mad Max: Fury Road is the newest film for the Mad Max franchise in 30 years. George Miller, the director, has indicated the visuals will play a prominent role in the film and will be sure to impress.The story follows Mad Max helping a group of imprisoned women escape across the dessert to safety. Mad Max: Fury Road was in development for nearly 25 years which resulted in losing a once committed Mel Gibson to leave the project around 2003. Tom Hardy's involvement in the film brought much needed legitimacy. Mad Max: Fury Road co-stars Charlize Theron and Nichols Hoult. Also, keep a look out for actors from the original films set to appear as new characters. Mad Max: Fury Road opens in theaters May 15th.


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