ND New Comic Book Day Picks 4/8/2015

Jackemi's Picks

Convergence #1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #44

Howard The Duck #2

Stray #3

Sleepy Hollow Origins #1

P's Picks:

Curb Stomp #1 - I realize this is the 2nd printing, but I missed this the first go round and the more I read about Doc Oracle's Pickswhat it was the more interested I got. 
Sleepy Hollow Origins #1 - I love everything Sleepy Hollow and this short one shot is a great read that accompanies the Fox show.

Lola Xoxo Wasteland Madam #1 - Its good to be out of your comfort zone as a comic reader, its where you can find some real gems you never thought you would like. I'm hoping Lola is that for me in a post apocalyptic future.

Convergence #1 - I've been waiting for this since they announced it. I love the DC mashups and the reason is because I love most of the DC characters. I'm going to read all the separate series as well but over the long haul. Immediately I'm looking to the main storyline and the couple side stories below for the time being.

Convergence Batman And Robin #1

Convergence Justice League #1

Convergence Superman #1

Doc Oracle's Picks

Howard The Duck #2 - Marvel - I'm a Howard fan from way back, so to have a quality ongoing series with my favorite talking water fowl is awesome. I'm going to enjoy this series as long as it lasts.

Mouse Guard Legends Of Guard Volume 3 #2 (Of 4) - BOOM! Studios - Its Mouse Guard, so I'm buying it. 'Nuff Said!

Jupiter's Circle #1 - Image Comics - Jupiter's Legacy was one of my favorite series outside of Saga coming from Image, so I'm definitely coming back for the next chapter in this story.

Legacy of Luther Strode #1 - Image Comics - I enjoyed the first ultra-violent story of Luther Strode, so I'm ready to give this next story a try.

Darth Vader #4 - Marvel - This is my favorite of the new Star Wars series from Marvel. Its the first book I read on the stack for the Wednesdays it comes out. Eating this up with a big wooden spoon, man!


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