Marvel's Ant-Man Trailer Drops, Villain Yellowjacket in action

I'll admit I wasn't really blown away by the first trailer or teaser or whatever the term was to describe our first official look at the Ant-Man movie. But this second view into the upcoming movie is head and shoulders more promising than the first view. I'm not going to pretend to have any great love for the Ant-Man in any of his incarnations. To me he's hardly been the most interesting of superheroes, and I'm honestly surprised we're seeing an Ant-Man movie ahead of Dr. Strange or The Black Panther. All that said, this looks respectable and I'll be in the theater to give it a chance. I'm not a huge Iron Man fan, but I dug those films. So maybe history is ready to repeat itself for me with Ant-Man.


Okay see, pretty enjoyable. Now I'm going back to Netflix to watch Daredevil, because that series is seriously kicking ass.


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