ND New Comic Book Day Pull List 3/25/2015

This that time again! Hump Day is always a little easier to get over when you know you can end the day with a stack of new comics. Here's what the Neverending Digression staff is reading this week:

Jackemi's Picks
Samurai Jack #17 - He teams up with the thief in this issue and I'm excited to see Jack in any uneasy situation.
He Man The Eternity War #4 - She-Ra goes to battle and I love this series. I actually enjoy a lot DC's storytelling on Enternia and Heman
Batman And Robin #40 - Damian joins the Justice League for the first time. This should be an awesome team up with Damian creating a lot of great internal issues and struggles....
Sinestro #11
Star Wars #1

P's Picks
Miami Vice Remix #1   IDW
Batman And Robin #40  DC
Multiversity Ultra Comics #
G.I. JOE Snake Eyes Agent Of Cobra #3
Daredevil #14

Doc Oracle's Picks

Darth Vader #3 - Marvel - This Vader focused series might be my favorite of the new Star Wars series to come from Marvel.
New Avengers #32 - Marvel - I'm following this one through to the end
Fraggle Rock: Journey to the Everspring #1 - BOOM! Studios - I've enjoyed the Fraggle Rock stories from Arachia, so I'm hoping this is at the same level of quality
Multiversity Ultra Comics #1 - DC Comics - These Multiversity books have been fun, so I'm continuing with them. This one sounds like it will be kinda out there, but with Grant Morrison there is always that chance.


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