How J. Scott Campbell Would've Redesigned Wonder Woman's Look

Last week Hitfix debuted the new design for Wonder Woman's uniform as drawn by David Finch, that she will don in Wonder Woman #41 later this year. We've got that version shown below from the Hitfix article. I can appreciate that is more of a warrior's armor look for this Amazon and those retractable wrist blades are bad-ass, but this costume just doesn't sit right for me.

Enter J. Scott Campbell with a redesign of his own that I saw on Bleeding Cool, which was I guess was the by product of a whole discussion on the initial costume redesign. Campbell's design just seems truer to the character and makes sense for her style of combat. I mean how is she supposed to use her lasso with those shoulder plates on the Finch design. Campbell's design also hangs on to the style of clothing someone from Paradise Island would wear.


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