Coming Soon: New York Comic Con - October 11-14th

I'm writing to you all about this convention a month out because in past years it has sold out in advance of the show. So if you live on the east coast and thought you'll just buy your ticket at the door, think again. Odds are it won't happen. This is an amazing show, and by amazing I mean its a HUGE pop culture extravaganza. Comic books, television, movies, video games, and other genres of pop culture convene in the Javits Center each autumn. I already know that Dark Horse Comics has about 18 announcements that they plan to make during this con, that's twice the number they had for San Diego.

Summer time is usually the season for comic conventions, so you can think of the New York Comic Con as the big bang to end the season. I'm planning to be there if its for just a day.

The time has already passed for you to have your tickets mailed to you but you can still order online.

Here is the list of  comic guests so far, in addition to this list there will be other guests from TV, film and literary industries as well.

Comic Industry Guests:
Adam Kubert - Friday Only
Andy Kubert - Friday Only
Axel Alonso
Bill Willingham
Brian K Vaughn
Dan Slott
David Finch
Esad Ribic
Ethan Van Sciver
Geoff Johns
Ivan Reis
Jim Lee
Joe Quesada
Jonathan Hickman
Kieron Gillen
Mark Waid
Mike Mignola
Neal Adams
Rick Remender
Robert Kirkman
Scott Snyder
Steve McNiven
Tony Moore
Aaron Lopresti
Alex Garner
Amy Reeder
Andy Lanning
Andy MacDonald
Art Baltazar
Arthur Suydam
Ben Templesmith
Bernard Chang
Bill Barnes
Billy Tan
Bob McLeod
Bob Wagner
Brandon Peterson
Chris Claremont
Christopher Jones
Clay Mann
Cliff Chiang
Colleen Doran
David Mach
Dexter Vines
Dustin Nguyen
Eduardo Risso
Eric Canete
Erik Larsen
Fiona Staples
Fred Van Lente
Gene Ambaum
George Perez
Guiseppe Camuncoli
Graig F. Weich
Greg Pak
Herb Trimpe
Ivan Brandon
J.K. Woodward
Jamal Igle
Jay Leisten
Jeremy Haun
Jim Calafiore
Jim Cheung
Jimmy Palmiotti
Joe Prado
Joe Staton
John Livesay
Jonboy Meyers
Klaus Janson
Louise Simonson
Mahmud Asrar
Marcus To
Mark Bagley
Mark Morales
Matteo Scalera
Matthew Clark
Michelle Delecki
Mike McKone
Paolo Rivera
Peter David
Peter Kuper
Rafeael Albuquerque
Ramona Fradon
Reilly Brown
Rod Reis
Ron Marz
Ryan Stegman
Shane Davis
Simone Bianch
Stephen Jorge Segovia
Stephane Roux
Terry Dodson
Todd Nauck
Tom Raney
Tom Smith
tony Akins
Walter Simonson
Whilce Portacio


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