Comic Preview: Pirate Eye: Mark of the Black Widow, Coming December 2012

Yesterday was International Talk Like A Pirate Day, so it seems fitting that on that day I would catch a preview of a promising new title from the folks at Action Lab Entertainment. The premise of this one-shot issue, Pirate Eye: Mark of the Black Widow is an interesting one. Take the typical crime noir story from the perspective of the private investigator where our PI narrates his tale of crime, dames, and low lifes, now replace Sam Spade in your mind with a former pirate named Smitty who has changed his career from a life of crime on the high seas to being a colonial era private investigator using his pirate savy and skill to solve mysteries.

Nobody loves a genre twist better than I do, and this one appeals to me. The line work and color palate selections work so well and I'm enjoying the private dick narrative with its pirate flavor. I know this is a limited preview but if the rest of the book is this good I'm locked in. This is a character that could easily be used in a series of one-shot self contained stories or a regular monthly series. Below is a link to a 5 page preview of the book. It'll be on sale this December, check the Action Lab site for more details.

Sneak Preview of Pirate Eye: Mark of the Black Widow


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