Video: The Dark Knight Rises - Third Official Trailer

With each trailer we get a clearer view of the film we're in store. I'll admit this is one I'm not looking forward too as much as I'd hoped. I guess it boils down to my hatred of Bane as a character and the fact that his introduction to the Batman Rogues Gallery was the kick off to some of my least favorite eras in the Batman continuity of old. It makes me cringe when others in my local comic shops occasionally hail the Batman back breaking story as a "classic". When in my mind it will always be a crude, shock event that was unabashed collector bait. And with Bruce Wayne out of action we had Jean-Paul Valley aka Azrael in that God Awful Batman armor. It was just a tough time in the 90's for a more traditional Batman fan. So having this Batman film trilogy that I've had so much love for to end with a Bane story just rubs me the wrong way. I'm trying to look past that and appreciate the project as a whole.


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