Variant Cover to Upcoming Spider-Men Limited Series

I love a team-up comic story, but even more than a team-up I love a cross dimensional team-up. Back in the day when the Justice Society of America would come over from Earth-2 to help out the Justice League on Earth-1 I would eat those stories up. With a big wooden spoon, ravenously. I loved the idea of alternate versions of heroes. This concept was first introduced to me in an issue of the Brave and the Bold, where Earth-1 Batman teams up with the adult Robin from Earth-2. I must've read that book over and over a thousand times. I knew the cover of that book so well it took me barely a second to recognize it in a Google Image search.

In June in a limited series, Miles Morales the Spider-Man in Marvel's Ultimate universe will team up with the original Spider-Man, Peter Parker in the main Marvel Universe. Here are both of the covers for the first issue of the series coming this summer.

Spider-Men #1 Variant Cover - by Humberto Ramos

Spider-Men #1 Standard Cover by Jim Cheung


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