Valiant Comics: HARBINGER To Be Second Title - June 6th, 2012

Valiant Comics is continuing to show a strong desire to bring back its original characters with a quality creative talent behind them. The second Valiant title to join X-O Manowar in the comeback is Harbinger. This news from Valiant exclusively through Newarama has already started to the light up Twitter with a lot of interest under the #HerecomesHarbinger trending tag.

Joshua Dysart will be the first writer for the new series with Khari Evans on the art duties. I remember Khari Evan's work on the Immortal Iron Fist series with Marvel. I loved the artwork Evan's work on that series and the pages previewed for Harbinger look great as well.

From what I remember the Harbingers were actually a team of young super-powered individuals. I don't know if the approach will be the same as in the original.

The entire announcement can be found on Newsarama.


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