New Marvel Super Hero Role Playing Game Goes to Press

As a youth I enjoyed playing a lot of different paper and pencil based roleplaying games with my friends. Early on TSR was the big company when I started gaming so I had a couple editions of Dungeons and Dragons and then a year or so later I purchased TSR's Marvel Super Hero Game. Probably from Wargames West. Before the Internet, the Wargames West catalog was about the most extensive catalog of gaming supplies you could ask for. And it was awesome for an American kid living in West Germany wanting to stay connected to gaming. NOW a new Marvel Super Hero game is out and I'm kind of excited about it, even if I haven't done any gaming in over decade. Published by Margaret Weis Productions, the Marvel Heroic Roleplay Basic Game is going to print today and is already available for pre-order. You can download a PDF version of the game now on This initial game book will retail for $19.99, but I'm already seeing it at an initial sale price on Amazon and RPGNow. Margaret Weis Productions lists the publication date for February 28th, 2012 while Amazon lists it as March 13th, 2012. Either way it'll be available soon if you want it in a slick printed book

I'm not familiar with Margaret Weis Productions or their game systems to be honest. However they old the license on some of other respectable franchises and the quality level on this product looks great so I will give it a read. I'll of course give my opinion here once I take it in.

According to a search on Amazon there are already a series of additions being planned for the game. Right now its looking like the Civil War will be the focus of the first wave of game supplements. They include Civil War: The 50 States Initiative and the Civil War Essentials Event Book which will have a premium version and a regular version to choose from.


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