EARTH-2 Wonder Woman Design Revealed

Another day and another Earth-2 character design from DC Comics. This time Wonder Woman is getting the alternate reality fashion makeover. Jim Lee produced this sketch of the Amazonian warrior. This is actually closer to what I was hoping for the main Earth Wonder Woman when I first got wind of the New 52 Relaunch. I'm liking the armor on the left arm, the inclusion of a sword, the more functional headwear, the boots, its all got more of a warrior feel to it that I think is fitting for the character. In the Earth-2 reality, Wonder Woman is the last of the Amazons, and the initial events published about Earth-2 will relate directly to this fact.

I'm not a huge Wonder Woman fan, but I'm digging the look of this version of the character and the few hints of her background that are talked about have me intrigued. 


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