2012 Fruit Cake Challenge!!

As we go through February the holiday season becomes another memory of good times and stress, that fades away for another year. The decorations are all put away and looking in the fridge its way past time to throw out that old carton of Egg Nog in the back but something that hasn't faded away or even started go bad is the fruit cake. Yes fruitcake, the infamous dessert of Christmas. The jokes about it are never ending and the varieties of cake are numerous. I personally can't stand the stuff, I'm a much bigger fan of its Old English cousin the Christmas pudding. For one reason or another (specifically for a blog post lets be honest) I picked up different brands of fruit cake as I discovered them through various shopping trips.

My son, The A-Man, decided after much inner debate to help me taste these cakes to decide which was the least offense, and overall to see if fruitcake was deserving of its rather bad reputation.

Our choices included:

Fruit Cake of C. Forchy - Made in France
FORCHY PATISSIER S.A. -57 Rue des Champs - 76190 YVETOT - FRANCE

Our only international import in this contest of cakes. I believe I found this cake at the World Market in Rockville, MD

Premium Fruit Cake
Benson's Bakery, Bogart, GA 30622
The first of the two cakes from Georgia, which I guess is the big fruit cake producing state. I purchased this on deep discount mark down at a Safeway supermarket in Montgomery Village, MD.

Old Fashion Claxton Fruit Cake, World Famous!
Since 1910
Claxton Bakery, Inc. Claxton, GA 30417
This most often what I equate with fruitcake. I can almost guarantee this is the brand I first tasted and is the cake responsible for me not liking fruitcake to start with (sorry Claxton). Let's see if my tastes have changed over the past 30 years.

A-Man really got into this taste test. I was surprised especially since he was so reluctant to try any of the cakes at first. Here are his selections as they shake out:

1. Claxton Fruit Cake - A-Man's Top choice with best flavor and most fillings is my old nemesis the. Only complaint the fruit and nuts make it a chewy cake
2. Benson - 2 out of 5 - nuts and fruit too big
3. Forchy - 0 out of 5 - Too much cake, didn't like the taste of the fruit. Said it tasted to chemically and preserved.

And my rankings

Dr. Oracle:
1. Benson - 4 out of 5: Not bad for a fruitcake. Tasted the most homemade out of the three. I liked the large whole pieces of fruit and nuts.
2. Forchy - 2 out of 5 - The cake is out, can't stand the taste of the fruit. No nuts whatsoever which is a bad thing in my book
3. Claxton - 1 out of 5 - Hard to find any cake at all, just seems like a brick of jellied fruit and nuts held together with something unidentifiable. I'll be honest, this is the fruitcake that formed my memory of the stuff and is the reason I don't like it. The taste isn't as bad as I remember, but the overall experience isn't pleasant to me.


  1. I too was forced to taste said Fruitcake. I liked the Benson and Forchy the best. Sorry little man - the Claxton was horrid ....


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