Star Wars - The Phantom Menace 3D Posters

SO, the Star Wars films are going to make another visit to theatres, this time in 3D. This is old news, but these five new posters advertising the Phantom Menace in 3D are brand spanking new. Okay, as a 38 year old man, I'm an old school Star Wars fan. The Phantom Menace has about as much appeal to me as a steaming turd, to be perfectly blunt. However the first chance to see a lightsaber duel in 3D does have some appeal and maybe that pod race wouldn't be half bad either. I'm having trouble trying to sort out if the price of a movie ticket is worth it again for this piece of drek.

 Any way here are the posters:

WOOOOOO 3D Pod Race! Look OUT

Peek-a-boo Sith Lord

Laser Totem Pole kinda design

Up close and Personal with Darth Maul


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