My Comic Book Pull List for January 4th, 2012

Action Comics #5 
Grant Morrison - Andy Kubert - Jesse Delpredang

DC Comics
I've been running hot and cold with Superman since DC Comics New 52 Launch. I haven't connected at all with the Superman title or the version of the Man of Steel presented in the Justice League comic, but I'm really digging the chronicles of his early days in Metropolis as detailed in this book. Grant Morrison has done a superb job reintroducing us to Lex Luthor, Brainiac,  Lois Lane, and all of the characters in Superman's life. It's been a comic I look forward to. Since All Star Superman was my favorite run of Superman before this one I'm not at all surprised by my enjoyment of Grant Morrison's work on this title.

Fatale #1
Ed Brubaker - Sean Phillips
Image Comics
A mixture of mobsters and demons in a crime noir style written by Ed Brubaker and art by Sean Phillips. Sign me up!

Avengers: X-Sanction #2 of 4
Jeph Loeb - Ed McGuinness
Marvel Comics
I love the Avengers and I'm a fan of Ed McGuinness' artwork. But I can't stand Cable. Nonetheless, I'm reading this because its going to lead into a larger event this year. Cable is back from the timestream with 24 hours to take out the Avengers before the technovirus claims him. Last issue he took down Capt. America, this issue he's after Iron Man. What trick could Cable have hidden in those many pockets and pouches he wears to take out Earth's Mightiest Heroes?

Batwing #5
Judd Winick - Ben Oliver
DC Comics
The artwork and story in this book have been amazing. Super vigilante action in Africa while Batwing tries to take down one bad-ass assassin by the name of Massacre as he kills off members of the Kingdom, Africa's once supreme superhero team. This title has been consistently a quality experience, and shouldn't be over looked.

The Defenders #2
Matt Fraction - Terry Dodson
Marvel Comics
I loved the first issue, I'm hoping for more to love in issue #2. At the very least its a book full of Dodson artwork.

I'll also be picking up Animal Man and Swamp Thing this week, but enough has been written about these books by others. They are shining examples of super hero/horror comic books. Valen the Outcast #2 and Peanuts #1 from Boom! will also be on my list. But I just professed my love of those books in the previous entry.


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