Comic Book Review: Fatale #1

Comic Book Revew
Fatale #1
Ed Brubaker - Sean Phillips
Image Comics

I've read Ed Brubaker for years through his work at Marvel Comics on the Captain America and Daredevil titles. I'd known of his creator owned work with Sean Phillips on their book Criminal. I don't know why I haven't read any of the Criminal series story arcs. I'm going to have to go back and read them when i can find the time. After reading the basic premise behind Fatale, I knew I didn't want to be behind the times on this. Fatale isn't a straight crime drama, it mixes the crime mystery noir style with a health dose of horror. The story starts in modern times, and then delves into the late 50's as we learn more about the people and the events that set up things in our lead in. This blend of the crime and the occult is a nice twist and the artwork provided by Sean Phillips is dead-on for setting the mood for the storyline.

A couple years ago I read Cullen Bunn's The Damned , which blended the worlds of demons and mobsters. I also found that very entertaining and after reading it I wanted to explore that concept of criminals and the supernatural further. Fatale differs a greatly in mood and in its approach to this concept. We come to this story as outsiders to the world and we are learning along with the characters as the layers to this secret world unfold.

This is a great new series to kick off 2012 with. If you want to go beyond your usual fare, and try something a little different and read an excellent book that packs a lot of story along with quality artwork, than this is a definite must buy.


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