2012 - Big Year for DC: Earth One

With the long awaited Batman: Earth One and the sequel to the NY Times Bestseller Superman: Earth One there will be a lot of for fans of this concept to read. Both stories are outside of the current continuity taking another approach to the origins of both of these characters. While on one hand I'm thinking, the origins to Batman and Superman have been done so many times we don't need it recounted again, but on the other hand these are talented people and it looks like they have put something really good here. No exact dates have been given for either book. Below are some preview pages from DC Comics

Superman: Earth One, Volume Two
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski, artist: Shane Davis

In this second volume, Superman is taking on the Parasite, recreated for Earth One. With the origin tale out of the way this could be a very exciting book. Superman still new at the superhero game going to toe to toe with a genuine super-villain. Personally, I'm lukewarm to the idea of another alternate Superman. I'm getting my fix in Action Comics right now. However fans of the first Earth One or who find this idea interesting, enjoy every page below.

Batman: Year One
Writer: Geoff Johns, Art: Gary Frank

Okay now this I'm all in for. I'm a complete Geoff Johns fan and Gary Frank is a long time favorite of mine. Plus for whatever reason I enjoy a new take on Batman, always have. 


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