Holiday Comic Book Covers from Days Past

I know this has become a cliched old chestnut of a comic blog feature, but I love an image gallery and I love a list. Plus I've never done this in my blog, so why shouldn't I enjoy this guilty pleasure once at least?

I never read this book but I remember this cover so fondly. Its just counter to any other images we have of the jolly old elf.

I just like the tree design on this one.

How long was that dude waiting behind that chimney? Cold night for that kind of assassination attempt, Wonder Woman is too busy posing to even notice.

Hulk + Santa Hat = Funny

Ambush Bug is awesome, I liked his appearance on the Brave and the Bold a couple weeks ago.

Best Santa suit out of all these covers and Plastic Man included with the group is always a bonus

Umm Hey Superman... what're you doing to Santa??

A great image, even though I know that the Abosorbing man is dressed as Santa in this cover, its hilarious

My brother had this issue, I don't know if he still has it, I'd love to read it again if I could. This holiday is built for a Toyman stor

Whoa a whole Dollar! Well it is a Limited Collectors Edition... 

And now for a special subsection dedicated to Paul Dini's creation: Jingle Belle. This cute little elf has delivered some cool new holiday comics over the past few years. Santa versus Frankenstein being my favorite of the group by far.


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