Video: Grand Theft Auto V First Official Trailer

 I'm a long time fan of the GTA series and this looks like it will be another solid outing for the game. First off the characters models and environment look great. The setting looks like it might be a version of mirror image of Los Angles or some other other large California. As is usually the case with this style of game, I'm guessing the world we can explore here is even larger than in IV. Going on the narrative we have a lead character who is a lifelong criminal who tried to leave the leave his life of crime to settle down and become a straight laced family man who kept his nose clean. As with others in these tough times the job I guess doesn't work out and he has to go back to a life of crime to make ends meet.

Since I've heard rumors of character customization among other things, I don't know if this is the only lead character or if this is narrator is a character at all or a creative way to introduce us to the GTA V world. Time will tell. Either way, I like my first peek into the game. In my eyes this game series has consistently "gotten it right" so I wasn't worried about this next in the game, just excited.


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