Bill Keane, 'Family Circus' Creator, Dead at age 89

Today we lost one of the great comic strip creators, Bill Keane. In 1960 he started the Family Circus comic strip, that ran daily in syndication in papers across the country. They are single panel comics that portrayed the humor in daily family life when you've got little kids. The four kids Billy, Jeffy, Dolly, P.J and their pets Barfy and Sam, and Kittycat provided daily smiles and occasional laughter for me. I know the comic strip was never edgy, not even butter knife edgy. It was simple, safe, cheesy and sometimes mushy, but it was a strip I enjoyed as a little kid and for different reasons as a father of two.

I remember a collection of Family Circus strips that I found used at a thrift store that I read often when I was younger. I've always loved the fact that the family seemed frozen in time, it didn't change so much with the times the strip always remained true to its original theme. You knew what you were getting when you read a Family Circus strip and that was something I looked forward to and its something that I know a lot of comic strip readers will miss in their daily paper. 

Safe journey Bill Keane and thank you for smiles & laughs.


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