Holiday 2011 Gift Idea: DC Super Hero/Fisher-Price Little People

Fisher Price's Little People line of toys have been a toddler/pre-schooler favorite for decades now. I used to play with my little Sesame Street Little People playset quite a bit for those early years of my life. Back in the 70's Little People were small wooden/plastic peg people, today they are a bit larger (I'm guessing less of a choking hazard), plastic, and more detailed in their sculpt.

As a father of two I get all the toy catalogs around this time of year. While the Lego catalog had me and my son drooling over new construction sets, it was the Fisher-Price catalog that got my attention with their new line of DC Super-Friends Little People including playsets. Fisher-Price as long held the DC Hero license for kids toys, using them in their Hero World toy sets where super-heroes are side by side with heroic firefighters, soldiers and police officers. But these Little People are a new and unexpected surprise. It's going to be tough resisting the urge to buy my 16 month old daughter the Batgirl/Wonder Woman Duo Figure Pack at the very least. This is a great start to the line, all of which are available only directly via Target Stores or online from Fisher-Price, other dealers are selling them but they will probably be at inflated prices.

Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hal Jordan Green Lanter, Superman, and The Joker 

DC Super-Friends Batcave Playset... and it looks like Batman & Robin come with this set, along with the Batmobile


  1. Ok OMGosh...wish I would have seen this posting earlier. I am IN LOVE with these...must have them for my baby girl! Where can you still find them where they aren't over priced? Is it possible? Please let me know!

  2. I haven't seen these at any Target store throughout the past couple months. So in this case I suggest going straight to the source:

    You can buy the figures and sets directly from Fisher Prices' online store.

    My 18 month old daughter is enjoying her Wonder Woman and Batgirl Little People quite a bit.


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