Free Dracula Web Comic Series Online Now from BOOM! Studios

Just in time for Halloween, BOOM! Studios is offering up a spooky gift to readers. BOOM is bringing the printed Dracula: The Company of Monsters series to the web in a serialized format,, viewable free of charge. Initially daily updates will serialize the previously printed work, and after that new content will also be presented in addition to commentary by series contributors. The original series was a created by Kurt Busiek, written by Daryl Gregory and art provided by Scott Godlewski and Damian Couciero. 11 pages of the web comic launched yesterday, Monday Oct. 24 and content will be added daily from here on out, including weekends.

The set up of the website is great. I'm becoming a digital comic convert, the colors are always more vibrant it seems. Since comics are more often then not, created digitally I think these digital pages better convey the final piece that the creators wanted to achieve. Below the comic book page, BOOM! includes a transcript for the illustrated page above. There is also a blog beneath the transcript that relates to the creators of the series, and their interactions. This is really a fun way to read a story, plus the navigation makes it easy enough to flip around the book, either with the arrow navigations above the page, or the thumbnail pages beneath the page. To kick this format offering off with a series as great as Dracula: The Company of Monsters is an incredible treat.

I'm hoping this is successful in drawing attention to this book and these creators, so that other series receive the same treatment.


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