Hot Toys List for 2011 Holidays

I love a list. And I especially love a good list. The Hottest Toy list for the holiday season is always a fun one. I've always looked on it with mild curiosity but now as a father of two, I'm paying close attention and mapping my Black Friday buying plan with this list in my firm grip. Toys R Us as the only huge American toys retailer left, is really the authority on whats hot and what's not. Toys R Us compiled the following list of what they predict will be the hot toys of the upcoming holiday season, so who am I to argue. Here they are as copied from one of the many other sites showing this list.

Air Hogs Hyperactives - No matter how old you are, an R/C car is cool... but not as cool as...

Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark - A REMOTE CONTROL SHARK!! So you have a HEY ---UUUGE floating shark, that you move and steer by remote control? Hell yeah that is cool, no wonder it's on the list. Forget the kids, I want one!

MGA Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Doll - Her hair is silly... such a girl toy

LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning Tablet - Its a tablet and its educational, lookit LeapFrog keeping up with the times. If my son saw this he'd probably want it. And then my daughter would try to take it from him.

Monster High Fearleading 3-Pack   -  Not much to say, these Monster chicks kept Barbie off the list this year... it took three of them to do it, but still.

Moshi Monsters Moshlings Toys Mini Figure 3Pack  - Looks like a crappy toy I'd find under my couch around Easter. What the hell do these things do aside from take money from my wallet?

My Keepon from Wow! Stuff - It's some kind of robot thing... it hasn't been released yet. Its somewhere between sounding cool and being creepy to me. I'm not sure, but we'll see. Probably be the Furby of 2011.

Nerf Vortex Vigilon  - Looks AWESOME...'cause well Nerf weapons are awesome.

LEGO Ninjago Lightning Dragon Battle - Neither me or the boy have gotten onboard with the Ninjago line of LEGOs but a lot a of his friends dig them. So this being on the list doesn't surprise me. It's LEGO! They gotta be represented on the toy list of the season some how. This is as good as anything, though I still think their Super Star Destroyer kit kicks the butt of any other set they are selling.

Playskool Playskool Poppin' Park Eelefun Busy Ball Popper - After writing this post, I'm going to put this on my little girl's Amazon Wish List.

Power Wheels Dune Racer - Ah yeah Power Wheels... what better way for a child to spend time outside, than to just sit down and let a battery powered vehicle cart them around. We wouldn't the little darlings to have to peddle or push, or exert any energy while eating their Snickers bar or ice cream sandwich, nope that'd come too close to exercise.

FIJIT Friends Interactive Toy - Another robot "friend"? That makes two on this list. These guys dance and talk... I'm sure its charming.

Sesame Street Let's Rock Elmo - I've seen this in the store, my daughter thinks he's pretty cool. But what has me sold on this being a contender as a hot toy for this Christmas? Randy Jackson.  That's right, music industry titan Randy Jackson also has his money on Elmo being THE toy of 2011 Holiday season.

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure from Activision - This game will be on a lot of platforms. Not my kinda game, but I can see my son asking for it for his DSi.

The Trash Pack 'Trashies' Garbage Truck - I dunno about the Trash Pack, but their truck looks right in line with the kinda stuff my kids like playing with.


DC Universe Classics Black Vulcan Collectible Figure : Wave 18 - Yeah this toy isn't on the Toys R Us list, I know it. But come on! It's the Black Vulcan. A character from the Super Friends cartoon that I watched as a kid. Never thought he'd be made into an action figure. Too damn cool.


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