Video: My favorite of DC Hurricane Coverage

Saturday was almost like training for the blizzard season here in DC. The 'round-the-clock coverage tracking Hurricane Irene as the storm impacted the DC Metro Area and beaches we all go to around here. I'm not mocking this storm to be clear. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as it was expected to be. I'm sorry and prayers go to those who have hardship because of the storm.

No, I am mocking the coverage. Because it was clear early on that this storm was fizzling out and the timing of its arrival was advantageous since it coincided with the low tide here in this part of the Mid-Atlantic. Overall it did not merit the amount of coverage that it was given. I took my kid to karate class and made a trip to the grocery store, and comic book shop before watching movies on Netflix in between watching the local coverage of the storm.

Above is my favorite gem of footage from the hours of coverage for this event. Tucker Barnes is one of the weather guys in the morning on the DC Fox News affiliate.  He's really the unsung brains behind the morning weather forecast. Tony Perkins is the main weather guy in the morning, but all the data, maps and info come from Tucker. And any long time viewer of the Fox Morning News in this area knows it.

Tony Perkins - Fox 5 Morning News, Washington DC

Now I knew there was no way on Earth that Tony was going to be anywhere outside for this Hurricane, especially on the weekend. But sure enough Tucker was out there for what literally became a crap assignment. That's Tucker in the video at the start of the article. And that sea foam is "organic material" as its referred to in the video, and apparently doesn't taste or smell very good. Sure there were plenty of drunk guys waving to the cameras, one even dropping his pants on live TV.  However for my money, Tucker Barnes versus the Sea Foam is the clear winner.

Reporter Gives Update Covered In Sea Foam:


  1. well if you are one of the several million people who lost power the hurricane sucked.

  2. Yeah it sucked for sure. And for a lot of people especially towards the bay and eastern parts of the state, it definitely sucked. But it didn't suck anymore than other tropical storms we've had and those storms got a lot less media coverage. It became evident that this wasn't going to be a monster storm, so the could've backed down on the coverage. Like I said, I'm not ridiculing the weather or the people impacted, just the over-saturation of news coverage.


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