New Trailer: TinTin - The Secret of the Unicorn

A lot more to see in this trailer for the upcoming TinTin film then the previous. We have a better look at the faces, more dialog and a clearer view of what the story is. The motion capture technique is used for the animation, but this movement seems more fluid and there are more details and a warmer feel then previous attempts at this technique. Motion capture hasn't been popular with a lot of people, personally it never bothered me. I just always wished it were done a little better. This might be my wish coming true.

You can't beat the talent pushing this to theaters:
Director: Stephen Spielberg
Producer: Peter Jackson
Script: Steve MoffatEdgar Wright  and Joe Cornish 

Its rare that I have a film I'm looking forward to during Christmas but this looks like it will make that short list for me in 2011.


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