DC Comics Renumbering All Superhero Titles, Simultaneous Distribution of Print & Digital Versions of Titles

DC Comics has made a MAJOR announcement. Two announcements actually rolled into one rather brief press release. First nugget, DC is going to renumber all of the their superhero titles. Every title is going to start off from number one. A title restarting its number count isn't huge news, this happens every year with the big publishers. But when every single title in starts fresh at number one thats pretty big. This will start off on August 31st, 2011. On that day DC will finish out the Flashpoint Story Event and kick-off the new publishing initiative with Justice League #1 produced by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee. So yeah, that'll be a light week if you are a DC Comics fan, only two comics published that week for you. Why are they doing this? I've got NO IDEA. Maybe it has something to do with what occurs in Flashpoint. No reason was given. Maybe at the end of August once they're done with the Flashpoint storyline it will make sense.

However the even bigger news in my opinion is the fact that Justice League #1 will be available online and on the comic book stands at the SAME TIME. Print and Digital Distribution will be simultaneous. DC Comics is planning to deliver all its super hero titles in this fashion moving forward. This is major! 

I know Marvel and some other publishers have done this now and then with a couple titles or mini series. However DC is the first to do this with all their titles. I was just talking about this to my wife last night, neither of us understood why this wasn't already being done. Especially since so much of comic production is done on the computer. For me the timing is perfect. My subscriptions are running down and I'm reassessing where I want  subscription funds going to. I am seriously considering going digital if I can get new comics on my iPad on the same release date as the print versions. I would appreciate a break from the stacks of comic books that are all over my storage unit. I used to be a diehard, print only comic book reader/collector. But I've gotten over that, I'm ready to go all in with the digital comic books. Marvel just needs to step it up and offer the same kind of distribution. I'm guessing that will be coming sooner than later.

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