The Adventures of Tin-Tin

The Adventures of Tin-Tin, will be a feature film based on the classic Belgian comic strip series of the same name. This will be Steven Spielberg's first go at directing a picture using the a motion-capture computer technology. The film is produced by Peter Jackson. It looks like an interesting film from the look of the trailer. The signature features of the main characters are recognizable in their translation to a more photorealistic style. I'm only familiar with the characters and style of the book, having seen them often but never reading them.

While the geek in me thinks this is cool I have my questions. Tin-Tin as a character has a lot of recognition in Europe, but not nearly as much in the USA. So that could be a hit against this film at the US Box Office. Second, this motion capture technology hasn't been very well received by audiences, and I don't know if that will force and additional hurdle on this flick. So as much as I like the idea of this, I'm not convinced it's going to be a win for Spielberg and Jackson.


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