Netflix and Free AT&T Wifi for Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of America President & COO Reggie Fils-Aime showed off some of two new features that will be on the Nintendo 3DS as part of the larger keynote address at GDC 2011 yesterday (Liveblogged by Joystiq).

First up as you can glean from the title of the article. Netflix will be on the 3DS. You'll be able to watch movies via the hand held. One of the cool features highlighted is the ability to watch a movie on the 3DS and then pause it and finish watching via the Wii.

Secondly, AT&T will be offering over 10,000 Wifi hotspots that will be available free of charge to the 3DS starting late May 2011. The handheld console will connect automatically evidently.

These are cool features that will add value to anyone foaming at the mouth for this 3DS. While 3D effects without the damn glasses sounds cool to, I'm quite happy with my DSXL. Honestly I have zero desire to watch movies on my DS personally, and I wonder what the battery drain on the 3DS will be with streaming video. I haven't had a chance to play with one of these things yet, maybe after experiencing it all first hand I'll change my tune.


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