The League of Public Domain Heroes

Contributing Writer Chimpanzee Rage pointed me in the direction of the an interesting wiki site this week called, Public Domain Super Heroes. This wiki focuses on comic book characters whose copyrights haven't been renewed or are no longer owned by anyone. Mainly you'll find heroes and villains from comics published in the 1930's through the 1950's. Some of the characters are those that migrated from pulp fiction stories, others are heroes born to fight the Axis during World War II, and others are just bizarre and fun.

Some of these characters including The Daredevil or the Black Terror have seen the light of day in Modern comics used by AC Comics, in Alan Moores Americas Best Comics series Terra Obscura, or Dynamite Comics Superpower Project.

Its a great pool of characters that can be used by anyone, free for the taking to use in your own comic book projects.

Public Domain Super Heroes


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