Pinball FX 2 – Xbox 360

When I was a kid I looked forward to playing the pinball machines in the arcade as much as or even more so than playing the latest video games. There was something about these tables, I don’t know if it was the artistry or ingenuity to add in new bonuses and features making each table so different, but at the same not requiring learn a new set of rules. Either way I’ve always dug pinball. The free Pinball FX 2 download via Xbox Live Arcade is an amazing platform for delivering some really great pinball tables. While its not exactly like having an pinball machine in your house, its a great game  to jump into when you have a few minutes and get that pinball experience.

My first table the download was the Rocky and Bullwinkle table. It just cost 200 Xbox points, so I figured the risk was low, being out 200 points if it sucked wasn’t too bad. I was pleasantly surprised while this wasn’t the most amazing table I’ve played it was a lot of fun. The sound effects were lifted right from the cartoon that I watched as a kid and the table included all characters from Mr. Peabody & Sherman to Dudley Do-Right. This table is pretty basic and doesn’t stretch beyond what would be possible on a physical pinball machine. After reading some good reviews I purchased the Marvel pack of tables for 800 points. This pack includes 4 tables based on different Marvel characters: Spider-Man, Iron Man, Blade and Wolverine. All of these boards are a lot more elaborate then my Bullwinkle initiation to this platform. The Marvel tables take advantage of the medium, and throwing in animated characters that interact with one another depending on the levels you activate. Right now my favorite is the Blade table with Iron Man at the bottom of my list.

Either way this is an awesome game for the price. If you are like me and often find it hard to dedicate the hours to play more involved RPGs or part of a season of football, then this pick up and play kinda game is perfect for you. Pick it up, play and leave it.


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