ND iPad App Review – Bookman

Aside from  surfing the web or doing sketches, one of the main things I do with my iPad is read. Often I’m reading online versions of magazines or newspapers, as well as comic books, ebooks, or a PDF created by some fanboy who created a guide to a video game or some unofficial material for one of my favorite role playing games. Either way, despite the kryptonite that is sun glare, the iPad is great for reading. Bookman, developed by Tsumiki Studios for both English and Japanese languages, has quickly become my favorite method of reading, organizing and loading e literature to my iPad.

Bookman uses a bookshelf system for storing and organizing books just as the iBook app does on the iPad. However Bookman easily reads PDF and Comic book CBR files. The double tap zoom and double page view are excellent for reading a wide variety of the books and comic books that I download. However downloading is the real strength of this app. Bookman comes with a built in web browser, which allows you to browse and download from ebook sites or FTP sites. With its built in web browser, you also have a method of exploring links in documents without leaving the app. I most often go to my DropBox account to download files that I found while surfing the web the night before.

This app is getting updated all the time, so hopefully it will just keep getting better. Check it out and let me know what you think.


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