Spider-Man 4 Cancelled, Bring in the Reboot

Big news yesterday regarding comic book based films was the abrupt cancellation of the Sam Raimi directed Spider-Man 4 a continuation of the successful film series. There'd been some major disagreements between Raimi and the studio regarding the villain for the film. The studio didn't think that his choice of the Vulture would be strong enough to be the major heavy for the film. Of course the studio couldn't have been more wrong. The Vulture could have kicked an incredible amount of ass as the villain. The fight sequences alone would've given the awesome battles from Spider-man 2 a run for their money. There have been so many versions of the Vulture in the comic pages that a real dangerous and deadly version of this bad guy could have been produced while remaining true to the character.

Now honestly I was all but dismissing this film franchise after the abomination that was Spider-man 3. Jazzy dancing, evil Spider-Man sucked. Having 3 villains crammed into that film was just terrible, none of them were developed to the level they should've been. I came away from the film angry and ready for this franchise to die. As time wore on though I had some hope the next movie could be better. Looks like I'm getting that initial wish.

Instead Sony wishes to reboot the film putting Peter Parker back into high school and focusing the movies on a younger Spider-Man as he's portrayed in the Ultimate Spider-Man series. The Ultimate Spider-Man has been a solid book through the years so if this is true we have a lot to look forward to.


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