Mmmm That's Some Good Brisket

Here in the DC/Baltimore Metro area we are enjoying an unusually warm few days here. The temps are about 20 degrees above the average and the sun is sunny. Just the kind of weather that gets me in the mood for grilling and bbq. On the way to Walmart to pick up some charcoal, me the and family stopped in to CarterQue of Mount Airy, MD. We'd passed by the little restaurant on Main Street a few times, but often because of the time of day we didn't stop in. Sunday the stars were aligned and my stomach was grumbly, so we finally had a chance to sample what CarterQue had to offer.

We sampled the beef brisket, pulled pork and smoked sausage along with their BBQ Meatballs which are soaking in their signature Black Raspberry BBQ Sauce. Everything was fantastic, I was so glad we came in. The meats were all smoked perfectly, we all were in agreement that brisket was the super star. The right balance of fat and meat, the slices cut to the right thickness. I could eat that brisket all week, it was amazing. This was seriously the best beef brisket I've ever had and I've eaten plenty of the stuff, often disappointed.

A pleasant surprise was how delicious the cole slaw and potato salad were. Often these sides aren't given the same thought and care that the meat is given at BBQ joints. My Dad makes incredible cole slaw and potato salad so I'm kind of a snob when it comes to eating them. CarterQue salads were on the level of the home made stuff from my childhood.

Overall a great food experience. The restaurant itself isn't going to blow you away. The plastic tableclothes red and white checker pattern has long been bleached away from repeated cleaning. But you aren't coming to this joint for interior decoration tips. The place is clean and the food is awesome, what more could you want, right?

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