Quick Shot Reviews: Batman & the Outsiders #1, World War Hulk #5 of 5

Batman and the Outsiders #1, DC Comics

Chuck Dixon & Julian Lopez

This is a pretty good first issue, no time is wasted getting the characters right into a  mission that showcases each of their abilities and personalities, showing how they fit and for some don't fit into Batman's new team of Outsiders. I dug these comic in the 80's and I'm glad to see it back especially with Metamorpho and Katanna in the ranks. From what I've read there will be some changes to the line up on this team, I'm guessing Martian Manhunter and Catwoman will be on their way out. Lets face it Catwoman isn't a "joiner" and Martian Manhunter is going through an odd stage in his life, the only team he really belongs on is the JLA. I haven't read a lot by Chuck Dixon, since I'm not a devoted reader to the Batman family of titles, but he impressed me with this first issue. Especially considering the sudden creative change up that dumped this title in his lap. 7.5 out of 10

World War Hulk #5 of 5, Marvel Comics

Greg Pak, John Romita Jr. Klaus Janson

All I gotta say is I'm glad this is over. For a series that I think was drawn out over more books then necessary this delay for the final issue was brutal. The final battle between Hulk and Sentry was pretty satisfying. Again JRJR really drives home the raw power of the characters through his artwork. I'm not sure how New York was able to rebuild so quickly in other books like the Avengers titles. In this book it looks like the Big Apple has been through World War III. The ending didn't really catch me by surprise, though the future titles announced at the end of the book did. The tales of the Son of the Hulk looks pretty cool. But I'm not sure about this Incredible Hercules comic, where Hercules takes over the Incredible Hulk title right down to continueing the numbering (though artwork by Art Adams, does entice me) or the new Hulk book by Jeph Leob and Ed McGuiness. Time will tell with those books. Overall great artwork, but no surprises in the story for me and the lateness of the book didn't help my opinion either, 6 out of 10.


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